Apr 7, 2013

38.Land Rover

" Produce an exclusive progressive trance track and a music video in association with the DJ group - Above & Beyond"

Land Rover is one of the most iconic brands in the world today. Last year the brand came out with a new commercial, showcasing the long history of the car and the company's dedication to keep evolving in the future too. The commercial also speaks of 65 years on, we continue to go above and beyond.” 

We propose an idea that Land Rover should have an association with the great progressive trance DJ group - Above & Beyond. They can produce a special track and video which will be true to the positioning of the brand with DJ group.

Progressive Trance has been evolving in a great fashion and has become extremely popular in recent past. It would be a good connect to have this association.

Nov 4, 2012

Diwali Season TVC's - Ones which will make you slash your wrist!

So the Big Fat Festive Season is here. Diwali season is the biggest celebration time in India, and all the brands try their best to leverage this time and occasion. The Indian customer is ready to hit the market and malls to do their shopping with entire family.

The brands have huge budgets for their marketing campaigns. Switch on to any TV channel or flip through print or be on digital media - you will be bombarded with ads and offers. This time we look at some of the most irritating television commercials.

1. Lenovo - Chances are that if you are watching any channel - you will not miss this particular ad. The bollywood boy Ranbir Kapoor repeating a phrase like a chinese toy robots - " PC TV PC TV". This one gets on to your nerves. I would die to know what were the INSIGHTS and the super idea of the creative team of the agency who has done this campaign. When a brand is spending huge amount of money on the big brand ambassador and also spending so much on buying media space they tend to keep all their brains shut , leave alone creative side.

2. Nikon - My first question - What the hell are these firangs doing on Diwali? Aren't there any Indian actors suitable for taking in ad. Again same idea by the brand - You have Priyanka Choprs - why waste your precious brains.

These certainly are top two TVC from big brands - which make you throw that remote and break the TV screen.

Which one do you think is the worst TVC on air this Diwali?

May 12, 2012

37. Tzinga

So we were recommended by someone to try the energy drink - TZINGA. I personally tried couple of flavors - and I must say it does taste pretty much ok. Too much fruity and no fizz though. But it is very interesting positioning on the price point - Rs. 20. It is a price point which makes it easier for user to try it or buy it without a second thought.

We also did analysis on their current campaigns, especially the Facebook. A great fanbase of around 3.5 lakh fans, but nothing is being to done to leverage this fanbase.

The product has a Potential, but needs to utilize the power of platforms like Social Media to increase their Brand equity and focus on Community building.

Brand - TZINGA

Platform - Social Media - FACEBOOK
  • Facebook is where the brand's TG spends the most time.(18-24)
  • Social media allows interaction
  • It provides an opportunity for a Brand to get UGC (User generated content)

Discovery - Youngsters like to connect with a brand and make it a part of their life. A brand which gives them an opportunity to interact and puts them on a platform to showcase their personal life,views,ideas tends to become their favorite and most preferred.

Idea " 5 Hour Charge Story"
A campaign on Facebook which revolves around a Facebook Application. This application would allow users to share their 5 hour charge story. The story can be shared in all multimedia forms - Text, Photo and Video. This would generate a great content and stories from users and customers.

Great Brand Connect, Best Platform - Facebook!

Jan 8, 2012


The Indian Deodorant Market in India*
The deodorant market in India is showing an upward trend as major players tap this segment. The growing income and increased expenditure capacity of average Indian consumers have changed their lifestyle habits. Deodorant market in India is estimated to be of Rs 10,543.3 million in 2011 and is expected to reach Rs 13, 340.7 million by the year 2012. The deodorant market is projected to grow at 25 per cent CAGR over next 5 years.
Deodorant sales are led by Hindustan Unilever Ltd, with the Axe brand; Paras Pharmaceuticals Ltd, with Set Wet; and McNroe Chemicals Pvt Ltd, with Wild Stone. These three manufacturers held a combined value share of over 49% in 2010. The leading brand is Axe, with 25% of value in 2010, followed by Set Wet and Wild Stone with 10% and 9%, respectively. Axe is a well-established and widely distributed brand, and is heavily supported by advertising across India.  

Product : A Spray Deodorant. The idea can be used by any of the players in this market.


Discovery : India is basically a hot weather country. The summer heat becomes unbearable and sweat is something which everyone has to face. The current packaging of the spray deodorants available in the market is generally is standard size. (150ml generally). The target group here travels a lot for work or study. For example in metro cities a Local, buses,autos. A deo sprayed during morning is not sufficient because of the continuous sweat. One has to carry a bottle of spray along. The current size of bottle forces the consumer to carry a bag to put the bottle in.

     Come up with an innovative packaging for the deo spray which can be carried in a pocket. Call it a "POCKET DEO"


Dec 12, 2011

35.Barista vs Cafe Coffee Day


Campaign:  Barista Lavazza pitching for the consistency and quality of their coffee across their outlets as compared to their competitor and biggest player Cafe Coffee Day.

Brand: Barista Lavazza

Core Idea: Comparative Advertisement Campaign  "Barista Vs CCD"

This would be a comparative advertisement campaign which would showcase that the customers get the same taste and quality of their favorite coffee in all the outlets of Barista, wherever it may be! 

TG: The target group is young, 16- 35 years old, urban, educated, loves café culture, particular about their coffee, frequents cafes – usually has their coffee in different outlets in same city or different cities. 

Discovery: A café chain provides the same coffee and experience across its outlets and gives you a feeling of familiarity. If the core product is not of same taste and quality in all the outlets of any food/café chain, it ends up becoming a very big bad experience and disappointment for the customer.

Barista undertakes a customer survey involving the café visitors across a set of cities. The survey would ask the customers for their experiences in different outlets. It would ask them about the taste,quality,service at various outlets,  primarily focusing on the product, i.e., coffee. It would also point out on the list of coffees and which ones tend to be inconsistent. For example – Café Frappe is the signature cold coffee of Café Coffee Day (CCD) and happens to be very inconsistent in taste.
The results would tend to show that the quality of the coffee is very inconsistent in case of the competitor café coffee day across the outlets. The taste tends to be different and not standardized. On the other hand, the taste and quality in Barista outlets tends to be comparatively same and consistent.

Based on the findings of the survey, Barista can launch a campaign.

Place :  
1. Posters,Standies in the outlets and the coffee tables
2. Publish the survey results with campaign in print media.
3. Launch the entire campaigns with survey results on website
4. Also launch the campaign on Social Media – Facebook and Twitter!